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Buy Instagram followers  UK to Supercharge your Social profile

Buzzoid has everything from unrivalled customer service and competitive pricing to the unwavering commitment to deliver organic followers and lightning-fast speed; we toil to provide the service that surpasses the satisfaction.

Buy real Instagram Followers from UK based company

There would hardly be an individual who is not on social media, whether for personal branding or promoting products and services on behalf of an agency. Instagram has taken the internet by storm by its advanced tools and technologies that put brands in a better relationship with the target audience. Buzzoid provides second to none reliable and authentic services and accommodates the diverse needs of both fresh-faced startups and media giants that already cemented their way in the digital world. Buying Instagram followers is the best investment you can ever make on your profile; it amplifies the awareness and brand credibility.

How To Place An Order:

The process of skyrocketing sales and gaining brand awareness has never been so more straightforward. Go through the following steps and see the magic happen.


Choose a package:

Choose a bundle of real IG followers that can lead you towards goals.


Enter the required details:

After choosing the desired package, place the IG name or email address and proceed with it to see the magic.


Relax and see the Magic:

After completing it all, you will start witnessing the massive increase in your Instagram followers.


What Keeps Buzzoid Ahead From Rivals

We have a proven track history of success and help you every step of the way to create a lasting impression in front of the target audience – improve your stats, get new followers!   We spread positive word of mouth, escalate brand awareness of a personal brand, count upon inimitable and beyond compare services of Buzzoid, and see how you become an Instagram sensation.

Staggering facts that reinforce the idea of purchasing Instagram followers

Fast-growing and ever-evolving, Instagram is a fundamental component of the social marketing funnel for nurturing customer’s opinions.

Instagram has surpassed the one billion global user mark – it is a testament to the platform’s staying power and exhibits that Instagram’s user growth is unlikely to slow down in years to come.

Instagram is among the five most downloaded apps, scoring ~13 million downloads in Q2 2020 alone.

Gen Z and millennials dominate Instagram as most of the audience base is under 34 as per states compiled by Statista. However, the gender mix of the platform is close to even, with 51% female and 49% male.

Instagram is more dedicated in terms of the login frequency – the app is addictive, and the average user spends seven hours per week.

Gone are the days when Instagram was just a B2C network, over 46% of content marketers employed organic Instagram within the past 12 months.

Recent Instagram statistics demonstrate that organic engagement has reduced to certain extent from 1.60% to 1.22% and that the brand should emphasize the right type of content to foster user engagement. The trend of binge-watching and video content is booming.

To put a long story short, short-term videos accompanied by engaging story content should be the cornerstone of your content strategy. Half of the marketing budget has been spent on social ads, and majorities of the dollars marketers consider utilizing on Instagram than Facebook as it is worth every penny.

More people are following brands on Instagram than ever before, signalling how big Instagram has become in terms of shopping and ads.  In addition, 87% of people claimed that influencers had persuaded them to make a purchase.

Hard selling isn’t helpful

Sales pitches get old fast and can force your followers to a limit to unsubscribe you. Over sales pitches, everyone prefers relatable material. Your customers expect high-quality material from your account that they can relate to, engage with, and laugh at. How frequently do you find yourself relating to a direct sales pitch? Over 50% of marketing teams spend half or more of their budget on social ads, and 29% spend most of the bucks on organic Instagram promotion

Reviews for verification

We strongly believe that customer service is one of the instrumental factors that exhibit how reliable and definitive you are in terms of your offered services! We are delighted to inform you that we have thousands of satisfied customers serving as the attestation to our credibility – people everywhere around the globe agree that Buzzoid is the best Instagram growth site.

Why Instagram has become essential for business marketing

No dubious! The role of Instagram for the success of your business is imperative. Whether you are running a big corporation, a personal brand, or a small-sized firm, incorporating Instagram into your promotional strategies can help you achieve brand awareness and a high level of engagement. Therefore, almost every big company is on Instagram, and so are there customers. The figure may hard to sink in, but over 33 million people use Instagram every day, and more than 217000 photos or videos are posted per minute.

The growth of engagement ratio per post is 53%, and it keeps on increasing with time. Therefore, every business is prioritizing to buy Instagram followers from UK to reach the target audience and achieve more satisfying engagement and results. Out of 100 people who may find you on Instagram, will include one person, who becomes the purchaser. The rate is skyrocketing and for now, considered as the fourth highest conversion rate in any social platform. Marketers have massively admired the filtered feed option in Instagram since it enables every post to show up in the feed of every follower.

Moreover, Instagram is a visual platform, and surprisingly, 90% of information is transferred to our brains via visuals. Furthermore, 40% of people can respond better and quicker to the visual information, and that gives a competitive edge to Instagram.

Are you not working on Instagram? You are missing vast opportunities! As per Forrester study, Instagram has the potential to generate 58% more engagement than Facebook or any other social network platform. The success of Instagram is not going to end anytime soon. Although with the recent updates, getting organic engagement has become more complicated, therefore, business, as well as entertainers, are more inclined to buy Instagram followers – it is a perfect strategy for the start-ups with no following at all.

High brand engagement ratio

Facebook and Twitter are beaten up by Instagram for comparatively low brand engagement ratio– meaning users are more likely to connect brands via Instagram. A good starting point is to start following people who have shown interest in your product or service, or kick start a conversation by using your own branded hashtags and encourage people to join you. Moreover, you can always come to us to buy real Instagram likes and build authenticity about your post. On the other hand, running a contest or collaboration with an influencer is a costly process. Therefore, startups often prioritize to opt for cheap options like buying Instagram followers.

 Positive feedback and insight

There is hardly any individual who does not go through the review or feedback of a product or service before making a final purchasing decision. Being a smart marketer, you must monitor what people are conversationing about your brand and how it is impacting on brand reputation and sales. Don’t let someone else to take advantage and use your brand name to sell the product or service. You better create your strong social presence either buy Instagram followers the UK or contact us to grow your Instagram handle organically, and we let you have a profile with lots of positive feedback and comments that can exponentiate the sales and help you to have more customers.

Choose Buzzoid And Be The Witness By Yourself 

Don’t be fooled by the fake promises of Instagram growth sites – these claims and promises are as valid as a pig can fly! Instead, count upon us as we take off the burden from your shoulders and provide you services that give your brand must-needed credibility and notability. 

Instant Delivery

We don’t take days to deliver the result for the purchased package, the order will be delivered in 1-7 days, and the initiation process hardly takes 30-60 minutes.

30 Days Refill

We try hard that your bought followers never fall. In case it happens, we offer our customers a replenishment service where we will refill all the drop followers.

Maximize ROI

We leverage the finest and best-in-class resources to provide each of our clients with high quality and cheap Instagram followers so you can get exposure in front of the target audience. 


100% secure

Your security is our prime concern. We work under GDRP Act 2018. We don’t receive any unnecessary information, and the data we possess will be confidential always.


Buzzoid is delighted to inform you that we are competitively priced and be sure to provide inimitable services and provide users with the value they deserve. 

24/7 support

Our highly dedicated and professional team will always be available to answer any of your question you may have about our services. In case you feel inconvenience with order! Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Work with Buzzoid, and we assure not to put a dent in your bank account instead make your brands boom in a digital landscape. Here are some commenly asked question below!

How much does it cost to buy Instagram followers in the UK?

You can get 1000 highest quality Instagram followers in the UK for as low as £ 10.5. More are the followers or likes, the higher the price will be. However, in bulk purchasing, you can enjoy additional discounts.

How fast are your services?

We are lightning-fast and begin supplying you followers in a matter of minutes until the payment is made – new followers come at a fast pace until your purchased follower limit is achieved. So be sure to make the page public, choose the desired package, and then sit back and watch followers, likes, and comments rolling in.

Is this the best site to buy followers?

Yes, I bet we are! From unparalleled customer service and economical pricing to the unwavering commitment to deliver organic followers and lightning-fast speed, we strive to provide the service that surpasses satisfaction.

Can you deliver 10k followers in five minutes?

When you are neither a celebrity nor a renowned brand and get 10k Instagram followers in five minutes, it can signal the Instagram algorithm about the suspicious activity and may red flag your account.

Can I buy Instagram followers

You can buy as many services as you like from Buzzoid – there is no constraint of buying followers at a time.

Could I get banned if I buy followers?

No! As long as you follow the legal practices and do not violate the terms and conditions, it is unlikely your profile will get banned. In addition, we have established an expert system that ensures your profile does not get banned from inactive followers.

Can I buy only organic followers?

We are dedicated to enhancing your followers through organic means or practices that fall under the guidelines of Instagram – our motto is only get you real followers not  bots, or fake accounts. 

How do you send me genuine followers?

The process of gaining followers is seamless! When you buy any of the services, your profile link is sent to the Instagram pool (people eager to follow and interact with your profile). Our relationship with IG pool members is a revenue-sharing model, and this is how we deliver engaging and quality followers for all clients. 

Have any query? Get in touch with our customer agent to have a prompt response to all your questions!