No doubt, Instagram is the best place to promote businesses and brands and the best way to do so to get influenced posts. An influencer is a person with a large number of Instagram followers. They charge brands to add their promotional photos on their official accounts. By posting this way the followers learn that the celebrity is actually recommending the product.

Instagram is promoting brands, businesses, and even models. From the past five years, the number of Instagram users grows 10x and it surely opens up new doors of opportunities for marketers. Because one basic requirement for the promotional campaign is crowd, Instagram is the most-suitable place by having billion of users from different parts of the world.

Scores highlight that people are more interested in spending their leisure time on Instagram than to any other social media platform. One of the many reasons for this is that by sharing content on the world’s most popular social media app they are getting recognition. Another reason for this is the opportunity to learn about different cultures and share one’s lifestyle with the rest of the people on Instagram.

Influence is a way to create brand awareness and let people fantasized about it. Earning a quality name in this modern world is the only way to make this world a better place to live. The quality name will definitely add more experience to your door. It will make you think about the way people love.

There are many personalities on Instagram working as an influencer. To be an influencer means to use one’s name to promote a brand or business. Having millions of followers can assure you of the place of an influencer.

To emerge like an influencer on Instagram a large number of followers is required. Growing followers is a time-taking and effort making task. Because you have to add the latest content on regular intervals and using tags with fine descriptions is also need of the hour.

Posting the latest content, adding a description with every photo, being expressive with your brand, and intact influencer posts have the potential to earn you more followers. If you feel this is too much to ask just for a number of followers than you can also buy Instagram followers. It would take no time to add hundreds of followers to your account through online buy Instagram followers. Be sure that you Buy Instagram Followers Australia.

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Here are the top 5 Instagram influencer of 2019

1.     Instagram @instagram

 Instagram, the world’s favorite photo-sharing social media app, carries its official account and through this account, it maintains its contact with followers. It is the most followed account on Instagram. With 290 million followers, @instagram is the most influenced account. It has the credit to be the best influencer available on Instagram. But, usually, through this account team, Instagram adds a post about policy. In other words, Instagram uses this account to show the variety of the world.

Obviously, as an official account of Instagram or the showcase of Instagram, it is not a true influencer account. Also, it is very unlikely for it to be interested in any influence marketing strategy.

2.     Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano

With 160 million followers on Instagram, the protégées footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is in the second position. He is the second most followed Instagram personality after Instagram official account. In fact, the Golden Boot is the most followed celebrity on Instagram.

Such a great number of followers make him the star for many brands. Because a post from Cristiano’s official account on Instagram has more power than any other marketing strategy does. He frequently promotes brands through Instagram and he may be interested in full-time sponsorship deals as many sportsmen do.

3.     Ariana Grande @arianagrande

With 150 million followers, the American singer, actress, and songwriter, Ariana Grande are on the third position of the list of the most influenced Instagram celebrities of 2019. From ‘Your Truly’ Grande made her debut in singing in 2008. It was her first album.

One Grammy award, one BRIT Award, 3 American Music Awards, 3 MTV Awards and 2 MTV Video Music Awards are the true secret of her success. Not only this, Ariana was named Woman of the year in 2018 by Billboard.

4.     Salena Gomez @selenagomez

An American singer, actress, and producer, Selena Gomez with 148 million followers on Instagram are on number 4 of our list. She was the most followed Instagram celebrity before Cristiano surpasses her last year.

Her musical career has a mix of various successes, albums, and awards. Her music has worldwide recognition. She may seem a choice to on number three according to our list but she has the potential to be the best choice.

5.     The Rock @therock

The wrestler turned actor, Dwayne Johnson who starts his name by adding The Rock in the start is on no 5 of our list top 5 influencers of 2019.

His wrestling career is full of success as his acting career is. He has many blockbusters on his name. He is another best choice to get influenced of. With a little difference in the number of followers, Dwayne The Rock Johnson may promote your brand to its fullest.